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1st International Workshop on Reading Music Systems


Paris, September 20

PRAIg '18 / +pics


11th international workshop on Machine Learning and Music


Stockholm: 13-15th July 2018



  1. Ponce de León, P.J., Iñesta, J.M., Calvo-Zaragoza, J., Rizo, D.
    "Data-based melody generation through multi-objective evolutionary computation"
    Journal of Mathematics and Music, vol. 10, pp. 173-192 (2016)
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    Genetic-based composition algorithms are able to explore an immense space of possibilities, but the main difficulty has always been the implementation of the selection process. In this work, sets of melodies are utilized for training a machine learning approach to compute fitness, based on different metrics. The fitness of a candidate is provided by combining the metrics, but their values can range through different orders of magnitude and evolve in different ways, which makes it hard to combine these criteria. In order to solve this problem, a multi-objective fitness approach is proposed, in which the best individuals are those in the Pareto front of the multi-dimensional fitness space. Melodic trees are also proposed as a data structure for chromosomic representation of melodies and genetic operators are adapted to them. Some experiments have been carried out using a graphical interface prototype that allows one to explore the creative capabilities of the proposed system. An Online Supplement is provided and can be accessed at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17459737.2016.1188171, where the reader can find some technical details, information about the data used, generated melodies, and additional information about the developed prototype and its performance.

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