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14th workshop gRFIA

2nd International Workshop on Reading Music Systems


Delft, November 2

12th international workshop on Machine Learning and Music


Würzburg (Germany): September 16, 2019



  1. Rizo, D; Illescas, P.R; Iñesta, J.M.
    "Interactive melodic analysis"
    Computational Music Analysis, ISBN: 978-3-319-25931-4, pp. 191-219 (2016)
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    Melodic analysis sets the importance and role of each note in a particular harmonic context. Thus, a note is classified as a harmonic tone, when it belongs to the underlying chord, and as a non harmonic tone otherwise, with a number of categories in this latter case. Automatic systems for solving this task are still far from being available, so it must be assumed that in a practical scenario the human expert must correct the system’s output. Interactive systems allow for turning the user into a source of high-quality and high-confidence training data, so on-line ma- chine learning and interactive pattern recognition provide tools that have proven to be very convenient in this context.

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