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14th workshop gRFIA

2nd International Workshop on Reading Music Systems


Delft, November 2

12th international workshop on Machine Learning and Music


Würzburg (Germany): September 16, 2019



  1. Plácido R. Illescas, David Rizo, José M. Iñesta
    "Harmonic, melodic, and functional automatic analysis"
    Proceedings of the 2007 International Computer Music Conferrence, ISBN: 2223-3881, pp. 165--168 (2007)
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    This work is an effort towards the development of a system for the automation of traditional harmonic analysis of polyphonic scores in symbolic format. A number of stages have been designed in this procedure: melodic analysis of harmonic and non-harmonic tones, vertical harmonic analysis, tonality, and tonal functions. All these informations are represented as a weighted directed acyclic graph. The best possible analysis is the path that maximizes the sum of weights in the graph, obtained through a dynamic programming algorithm. The feasibility of this approach has been tested on six J.S. Bach's harmonized chorales

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