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1st International Workshop on Reading Music Systems


Paris, September 20

PRAIg '18 / +pics


11th international workshop on Machine Learning and Music


Stockholm: 13-15th July 2018



  1. Serrano, J.F.; Iñesta, J.M.
    "Music Information Retrieval Through Melodic Similarity Using Hanson Intervallic Analysis"
    Research in Computing Science, vol. 20, pp. 131-142 (2006)
    : bibtex

    The melodic similarity is an important concept to consider in music information retrieval. Among the possible applications a number of content-based systems may be developed for copyright management, plagiarism detection, computer-aided composition, etc., and the intervallic analysis is an esential tool for these applications. There exist several techniques exposed in melodic similarity that use diverse statistical and probabilistic analysis. The objective in this work is to establish a text words equivalent to musical notation using three representations based on simple intervallic relationships, rhythmics and durations, and to evaluate three textual information retrieval techniques applied to these representations, as well as to propose changes to improve the system precision and recall.

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