Degree Projects on gRFIA topics

Study and implementation of sonification methods
Alexandre Bou, 2015

Anaysis and development of the sound design process of a low-budget full-length movie in multi-channel format
Martín Gómez, 2015

Automatic chord estimation for using in musical audio transcription
Miguel Segura, 2015

Generation of video game background music through algorithmic composition based on gameplay
Raúl Ibarra, 2014

Study and implementation of different methods of algorithmic composition on explorative purposes
Laura Sirvent, 2014

An assistant for twelve-tone music composition for OpenMusic
Leopoldo Pla, 2014

Real-time synthesis control using an electro-acoustic instrument
Pedro Hernández, 2013

Real-time FM synthesizer with Csound
Kristian Alonso, 2013

Evaluation of onset detection systems
Jasón Box, 2013

MIDI controller based on Arduino
Ángel David Sempere, 2013

Automatic generation of music based on color harmony
Carlos Company Bernal, 2012

Sound design analysis techniques in interactive audio-visual environments *
Sergio Valero, 2011

Recording and processing sound for a music band
Bernardo Mínguez Conesa, 2010

Development for an audio analysis and synthesis Plug-in
Ángel Noguera, 2010

A virtual sampled hurdy gurdy with Csound *
José Martín Navarro, 2010

Harmony and rhythm structure detection
Gabriel Meseguer, 2009

Choral Voice Synthesis with CSound
José Javier Valero, 2009

Muestreo de un órgano barroco español para su uso como instrumento software
Andrés Ayala, 2007

* = not available now