Workpackage WP1:


General objectives:
  • Construction of a digital library of musical audio data of interest to the project.
  • Development of the necessary components for the low and high-level description of music and sound.
  • Development of a set of tools for the capture of gestures during musical performances.
  • Development of a library for content-based transformation of music and sound.

Workpackage WP2:


General objectives:
  • Compilation of the necessary corpora for the tasks addressed.
  • Development of a rule-based system for melody track identification in multitrack symbolic music files.
  • Definition of a set of statistical and linguistic descriptors for monophonic, polyphonic and rhythmic sequences.
  • Development of a system for tonal analysis able to describe in a human-readable language the decisions taken.
  • Development of a system for the identification of variations on the same theme.

Workpackage WP3:


General objectives:
to integrate the results of the research from WP1 and WP2 in prototypes for music mining, study, personalization, and information retrieval. The following prototypes are planned to be developed:
  • An interactive polyphonic music transcriptor, aimed at minimizing the number of corrections needed to get a correct solution.
  • An interactive tonal music analyser conceived as an educational tool, designed according to the needs of a music school.
  • An expressive music performance system for sound post-production.
  • An automatic performer identification system for music information retrieval and recommendation.
  • A genre classification system with a graphical interface for MIR.
  • A helper tool for the handling of musical recordings in the context of sound post-production.

Workpackage WP4:


General objectives:
monitoring, control and evaluation of the different stages of the project. Adaptation of the working plan to possible eventualities. Coordination of diffusion and exploitation activities.