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WP6 Description
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The principal objective of this workpackage is to coordinate activities that facilitate within and between research workpackage collaboration and to present its results to scientific and industrial communities.

These two main objectives can be divided into specific objectives.


The collection of large test multimedia data (video, sound, etc.), which will be placed at the disposal of members of the network for use in development and testing.

  • The organization of evaluation campaigns through which network members can compare the performance of their systems on the standard test data.

  • The evaluation plan consists of a three-level evaluation procedure:

    • benchmarks and protocols will be defined to allow the sites to perform internal evaluations,

    • the consortium will carry out periodic blind evaluations to confirm the internal evaluations, and

    • the most promising systems will be evaluated with real users.


  • Scientific community: the work will be present, as usual, by contributions in the main conferences and journals. In order to increase our visibility, it is also planned to organize two international workshops. A web site where all the publications along with the databases used in the evaluation has been opened.

  • Industrial community: the results will be disseminated through the distribution of videos, demos, brochures and divulgative articles.

Coordinator: Luisa Micó (PRAI-UA)

Webmaster: Tomás Pérez García (PRAI-UA)

Group delegates: Ricardo Toledo (CV-CVC), María de los Ángeles López (CVDSP-UJI), Luís Baumela (CVL-UGR), Ernest Valveny (PR-CVC), Roberto Paredes (PRHLT-ITI), Francesc Serratosa (RP-IRI).

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