Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Music, MUSIC-AI; IJCAI07

""A cooperative approach to style-oriented music composition"
Espí D., Ponce de León P.J., Pérez-Sancho C., Rizo D., Iñesta J.M., Moreno-Seco F., Pertusa A.

These files are selected demos form the performance of the system described in the paper.

This first version of this demo page shows two selected individual generated by the system after being trained by either classical music or jazz sequences. 8 of the 16 bars have been selected for each demo.

For the classical music sample, the sequence has been played using a string patch in a synthesized.


Another sample with classical training set for fitness:

For the jazz sample a sythesized marimba has been utilized, but in order for it to be more appealing, a rhythmic section was cut and pasted from a randomly selected latin-jazz midifile. No processing/editing has been performed for this section.

jazz 804000400.

This sample is shown as output by the system with any addition. It is synthsized with an organ patch:

k number of neighbours utilized for k-NN
Ng number of generations
Ni number of individuals
Pc crossover probability
Pm mutation probability
ws weight for shallow statistical fitness
wn weight for n-words fitness
wm weight for melodical fitness
distrib. statistical distribution for the n-words
|V| size of the vocabulary (number of
n-words selected)