Extended version of the paper published in ICMC 2007

"Harmonic, Melodic, and Functional Automatic Analysis"
Plácido R. Illescas, David Rizo, José M. Iñesta
Manuscript (PDF)

Whole set of complete rules (pdf)

Analysis examples:

Work Original Score Analyzed Score Graph
Choral 25 pdf pdf dot
BWV 269 pdf pdf dot
BWV 367 pdf pdf dot
BWV 400 pdf pdf dot
BWV 2-6 pdf pdf dot

Notes: "DOT" format (not a MS Word template) has to be opened with the Graphviz utility, that can be downloaded from www.graphviz.org.
* The column "Analyzed scores" contains the raw output of the analysis system.

Contact author:
José M. Iñesta